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Monaco Editor, Prometheus & Alertmanager support in QuestDB

QuestDB version 6.1.3 includes Prometheus Alertmanager support, new counters in the Prometheus endpoint for memory info, automatic query timeout, Monaco as the new SQL editor for QuestDB's web interface, and more UI additions. Here's a roundup of changes!

Monaco Editor from VS Code in QuestDB UI

The SQL editor in QuestDB's web console now includes the
Monaco Editor that powers VS Code. Upgrading the SQL editor to use the Monaco Editor brings with it many improvements and functionality that comes by default with VS Code, so now you get convenient features like bracket matching, find and replace-all, multiple cursor selection, and more right out of the box:

Find all functionality in the Monaco Editor within QuestDB database

For more information on using the Monaco Editor in QuestDB, type F1 in QuestDB's web console, or refer to the official Monaco documentation.

Prometheus metrics

Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit which collects and stores metrics as time series data. Prometheus collects small pieces of data about many components to help build a picture of the state and trajectory of a system. The scraped metrics are stored, and rules can be applied to aggregate and generate new metrics from existing data or generate alerts based on user-defined triggers.

QuestDB has a /metrics HTTP endpoint on port 9003 which provide counters in Prometheus format. Prometheus can be used to visualize and graph QuestDB metrics prefixed with questdb_:

Prometheus graphing tab showing QuestDB instance metrics on a chart

For more information on configuring QuestDB and Prometheus to graph QuestDB metrics, see the Prometheus documentation for examples and hints for setup and configuration.

Prometheus Alertmanager

Release 6.1.3 introduces a new log writer for QuestDB that sends any message to Prometheus Alertmanager. To configure this writer, add it to the writers config alongside other log writers. Details on logging configuration can be found on the server configuration documentation.

Configuring that QuestDB should send alerts to Alertmanager alerting is done in QuestDB's log config with the address and port for Alertmanager:

# The writers to enable

# Prometheus Alertmanager
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For details on configuring QuestDB to send alerts to Alertmanager, see the Prometheus documentation for examples and guides for setup and configuration.

SQL syntax for bulk inserts

It's now possible to bulk insert vales into a table via SQL. This functionality follows the 'multirow' VALUES syntax used in PostgreSQL and acts as an accelerator when inserting data in bulk:


INSERT INTO my_table
    ('d1', 101.1, '2021-10-05T11:31:35.878Z'),
    ('d1', 101.2, '2021-10-05T12:31:35.878Z'),
    ('d2', 201.2, '2021-10-05T12:31:35.878Z'),
    ('d2', 201.3, '2021-10-05T13:31:35.878Z'),
    ('d2', 201.4, '2021-10-05T14:31:35.878Z');
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Automatic SQL query timeout

Users can now define automatic timeouts for SQL queries via server configuration. This is set using the query.timeout.sec server configuration and is a global timeout in seconds used for long-running queries. For more
information on setting this parameter, see the server configuration documentation.

# Default is 60 sec
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Next up

The team have added Java 17 support and are working on a JIT (Just-in-time) compiler for filters which will massively improve performance of queries using WHERE clauses.

We hope you enjoyed the latest roundup, for the complete list of additions and fixes, see the release notes on GitHub.

Feel free to reach out to let us know how we're doing or just come by and say hello in our Slack Community.

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