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I need people to show TDD in practice with Go

I have been posting a series of articles about learning TDD with Go. They're on this site but they're all hosted on github:

There is a "fundamentals" section, which is mainly about teaching how to write code with TDD.

what you can do

However what I really want is for example articles around the standard library

So for instance you look at say the time package. Imagine some kind of functionality you could make from it. Then write an article, showing the TDD cycle.

I really want to help raise the game of TDD in the Go community and the more examples out there showing how it can be done would be awesome.


@quii Chris, I would like to contribute.. I have been known your repo for a while. Happy to know that you are look for contributions.


Get stuck in :)

Proof-reading, suggestions for new chapters, translations, all these things help

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