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Robert Osborne
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Twiliohackathon Project Part 2 - The Product


I built a serverless application that allows users to text kind words to those that are recovering from COVID-19.

One of the main problems for those recovering from COVID-19 is the isolation from loved ones. You can communicate through other means but this application is for those that don't already have a support network.


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What I built

I've built a serverless application that uses the tech below

  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS DynamoDB

Demo Link

Sign up page

Link to Code

Front-End Repo

Back-End Repo

How I built it

This API was built with the Serverless framework, all tech is listed above. The front end site was built using React and Gatsby.

I was able to expand my understanding of AWS technologies while working on this project. Topics learned include:

  • Creating and using API keys
  • Serverless development with CircleCI
  • Adding lambdas to FIFO SQS queues
  • Using the Giphy API
  • Improving lambda testing by isolating business logic from the handler

Additional Resources/Info

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