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He exclaimed join hacktoberfest

r1dwanmaulana profile image R1dwanMaulana ・1 min read

What I Learned From Hacktoberfest

Since mid-2020, I just learned about the annual event from digital ocean, namely hacktoberfest. Where all developers contribute to each other. The lesson that can be taken while participating in hacktoberfest is that we have experience, and can learn more about git, as long as it benefits other people or other developers. the first time I was interested in joining Hacktoberfest and I registered myself and I planned to contribute with Microsoft, 14 days passed during the collaboration process I finally won the challenge from Hacktoberfest, this is really extraordinary, and my interest is strong for the upcoming Hacktoberfest event. Thank you, and happy hacktoberfest.🎉


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