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Rachel on December 11, 2018

🎉 Today marks the first day of my take on #100DaysOfCode!!! 🎉 If you have never heard of it, #100DaysOfCode challenges programmers to ... [Read Full]
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Looks like ill be joining you on this journey.

I hate to copy you but seeing how i just found this community and want to be involved ill making a similar post as well. Thanjsnfor the inspiration!



YESSSSS CHRIS 💯👏 Lets yeet this wheat together!!!

And I'm so happy to hear that I inspired you to make a post of your own! 😊 I actually got inspired after I read my friend's article and decided to make an account just to post this haha

I will be keeping an eye out for your post so please do @ me when it comes out! Also feel free to connect with me, would love to have a friend on this journey~~


Chris & Rachel - I am joining you!

I have been considering to do 100 days of code since I saw it years ago. Being in a small group like this motivates me enough to finally go for it though!

Thank you Rachel for the inspiration!

  • Kat

That's sooooo awesome, I love this, guys!! ❤️❤️ Thank you for sharing.

I'm amazed that a rough blog post I typed out at 3am has allowed me to meet two like-minded coders, who are embarking on this challenge with me! Looking forward to hearing about your take on the challenge, Kat 😊

We got this 💪


For a first time post, you really nailed it. If you find you struggle with the motivation try the Seinfeld rule. Also keep us posted on your progress, it will be great to see how you crush that challenge :)


Hey, thank you so much for your comment! This was my first time ever writing something that wasn't for an english assignment 😅 so it means a lot to me!

The Seinfeld rule looks interesting, I think I'll try it out for this challenge. Curious, has it worked for you?

And haha, will do! I got a high from making this blog post so I am definitely going to be writing some more later on. Keep an eye out 👀


It has worked for me at least in making me aware of when the un-motivation started to creep in, plus doing things consistently is always a good thing. I'll definitely check in once in a while to see how's it going hehe.


Good luck! Start small with things until you know you can get them done.

Thought about it, but have yet to do the 100 Days myself, so you get props for getting further into the commitment than I ever have.


Thanks for the advice! ❤️

You've probably already done more than 100 days of coding, it depends on you on how you want to define the challenge :))) And it's never too late to join in!!


Great idea to commit to 50 and good luck!

ps. you didn't say what you were going to learn...


Thank you ❤️❤️ oh gosh, there's so much I want to learn! I have a list that I'm definitely not going to be able to go through in 50 days haha.

Currently working on building a b&b website for Schrute farms (if you've ever watched the office 🤓👔) so I'll likely be spending a lot of time strengthening my frontend skills.

Besides that, I have an idea to build a chrome extension to help me with my goal of recording all the hours I've spent coding. Excited to start looking into that! :))


Learn all the things 🔥🔥🔥


Good luck! Have never done this myself (at least with all of this intention), but it's always interesting to see what people get out of it in the end :)


Thank you for your words of encouragement~ Still unsure of what's to come but I will keep you updated haha


Doing this too. Might actually make it a #365daysofcode since I am enjoying writing something new every day.


That's so inspiring, great to hear from someone who's also taking up the challenge. How are you finding it and what's the hardest part about coding everyday?


Wow, great read! Good luck with the challenge - I'll be following along for sure.


Thanks for all the support, Stu!! Glad to have someone who is always inspiring me to take on challenges! ;)

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