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Loving right now: This Figma template for creating Database ERDs

As part of some work I'm doing for CodePen, I needed to come up with an ERD document for an extension we're making to our database. I think the last time I had to make an ERD was 15 years ago, as part of a Software Engineering degree.

I figured in 2021 there would be some cool, nice looking software that would make it quick and easy for me to put an ERD together. I was wrong. All the flowchart making software I tried was clunky and did not feel good to use. Maybe my experience with Web & UX Design Software over the years have set my expectations too high. I found myself wondering, why can't there just be a Figma but for Software documentation?

So I Googled "create erd figma" and a link to this free template came up. This was exactly what I was looking for. With the pre-built components I was able to make a nice-looking ERD in a reasonably short amount of time. And I know anyone else on the team will be able to update it as we are already in the habit of using Figma files at CodePen. I'd show you the final result but it is for a project that we are keeping under-wraps for now.

I just wanted to share my love for this template. Thanks to Arctype for the free resource!

Check out the Figma template here.

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Fateh Waharp

Cool, maybe you can try as well.

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Rach Smith

Thanks Iā€™ll check it out.