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Loving right now: this VSCode font + theme combo

I am the person who will spend 3 hours trying out different themes and fonts in my Editor. After finally choosing a new one, I'll use it for an afternoon before deciding to switch back to the same setup I had before. I like what I like.

For the longest time, that was gerane's rainbow Theme and Operator Mono. I think Operator Mono was the first coding font I saw using italics for comments. I immediately fell in love, dropped a cool 200 bucks on it and never looked back.

Recently I discovered that Sarah Drasner had made a new theme, called In Bed By 7pm. I initially tried it out because a theme name has never so accurately reflected my lifestyle. Unlike trial runs with other themes in the past, I didn't want to switch back. This theme just has the perfect amount of purple and is very easy on the eyes. I love it.

In the screenshots for the theme, I couldn't help notice how cute the font was - Dank Mono. So now I'm just living my life with an all-Sarah-Drasner inspired setup.

A Mean Girls meme that reads 'I saw Sarah Drasner using Dank Mono and In Bed By 7pm so I used Dank Mono and In Bed By 7pm'

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