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How I use multiple browsers

For instance, on my phone, I have three browsers:

  1. Default set to Firefox.

  2. Firefox Focus, pinned on right bottom for quick access.

  3. Google Chrome, pinned on left bottom for quick access

In the January, I tweeted about 'How I use multiple Google Chrome profiles?'

But for past couple of months, I have started using multiple browsers along with multiple Chrome profiles.

Interested in watching the video version of this thread.
I have upload the vlog on YouTube here. More [verbose] info.

So as mentioned above, I use Chrome, Firefox, Firefox Focus on my phone,

here's how they fit for different purpose.

The default browser: Firefox.

This comes in situation when I am clicking links in the apps like twitter, email, chats etc.

Because those are random links thus I don't want them to be linked with my Google account, as I am logged into the Chrome, thus separate browser.

So by setting Firefox as default, I am segregating the random links I open via apps, from my Google account, which can result in Google algos recommending useless stuff, which anyways happens but still.

Temp browser: Firefox Focus

I use it for quick searches, that I don't want to be attached to my profile.

Searches like ongoing trends, news or sports highlights, this temp browser works well
and these searches doesn't get attached to my interests in the Google account.

My online identity: Chrome

Here I am logged into most of my online accounts.

I open Chrome when I want to access these platforms, which are linked to my Google account.

Like Twitter, GitHub etc. are all here in Chrome.

So that is it, that's the way how I use browsers for now.
Which has evolved from my last January tweet for sure.

May be more improvements coming in the future 🤷‍♀️


| Take care

~ @raevilman

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