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ESP32-C3-12F using the Arduino IDE - Getting Started - Environment Setup


We will learn how to configure the necessary tools to start using the ESP-C3-12F.


  • Arduino IDE
  • ESP-3C-12F

Install Arduino IDE

Installing Arduino IDE is like installing any program on Windows, GNU/Linux and MAC, you can download it from here Software | Arduino.

Configuring Arduino IDE

The first step is to add the repository where our dev board is located, for that we open the preferences:

Image description

Once inside, we enter the following link in the field "Additional boards URL manager"

This link is the correct, the last one sometimes gave a error related with esptool.exe,:)

We click "OK" and now it is time to install our dev board in the board manager, we do that by clicking on the "Board Manager" option:

Image description
In the opened section, look for "esp32" and click on install:

Image description

If everything went well, you should see this message in the terminal:

Image description

Once the installation of the board is finished, select "ESP32-C3":

Image description

or, if you are using the beta version of the IDE, click on the drop-down list of boards >select another board and port:

Image description

Search for C3 and select the port your development board is connected to and click OK:

Image description

Now change the upload speed to 115200:

Image description

Configure the serial monitor:

Open the IDE's advanced preferences by opening the following file: C:\Users user\AppData\Local\Arduino15\preferences.txt :

Image description

Change the following lines (possibly 35 and 36) from:






If they are not in the file add them and save the file.

Load your first program

To load your first program, it is necessary to put the board in load mode, this is done in the following way, before the loading starts, press the "Boot" button and keep it pressed. Press and hold the "Reset" button. Release the "Boot" button. Release the "Reset" button. This puts the board in programming mode. Check that the board is ready from the serial monitor: the message "waiting for download" should appear.

Image description

It is necessary to change the baud rate to the speed our board works with, which is 115200:

Image description

Click on [Sketch] - [Upload] to upload the sketch.


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