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Processing large amount of WhatsApp jpeg files in Adobe Photoshop

Just a few days ago, when I tried to open a jpeg file, downloaded from WhatsApp in Adobe Photoshop I've got the following Photoshop error:

Could not complete your request because a SOFn, DQT, 
or DHT JPEG marker is missing before a JPEG SOS marker
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This problem occurs when you make photos and send these photos via WhatsApp. Then, when your addressee is trying to open received jpeg files in Photoshop, he gets the error, I described above.

The simplest way to solve this issue: open broken jpeg file in a generic image editor (MS Paint for Windows, for example), and save it again as a jpeg file.

But, when you have a large amount of such files, opening every file and saving it could be a tedious and time consuming task.

I decided to create a free open-source tool, to solve this task and help others who experience the same issue.

Link to the repository with the source code:

If you want to download already compiled tool, follow this link:

Expand Assets section and download file relevant to your operating system (Windows or MacOS).

The tool does not require installation, just unzip downloaded archive to an arbitrary folder. That's it :)

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