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Rahat Chowdhury
Rahat Chowdhury

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Learning Web3 in Public

Over the past couple of months I've been reading into Blockchain and Ethereum development. It's been interesting to learn about at first but the more I learned the more excited I got about the technology. Aside from the incredible lucrative salaries out there this technology is in its infancy and we're at a point where we can really see something new and powerful build up from the ground up.

I decided to create a podcast I've named Side Chain, to document my learnings and hopefully inspire others to learn with me. In the first episode I talk about what a blockchain is and some resources I have been using to learn. Check out the episode and resources on the link below! As of writing this post the podcast is up on Anchor and Spotify with more platforms being rolled out as well.

Are you learning about things in the Web3 space as well? Would love to know what resources you are using to learn!

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