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JMeter Interview Questions

JMeter has become very popular in Software Testing. It's a Java application that is built by Apache. JMeter is a protocol analyzer, not a browser.
Let's hop to the preparation for JMeter interview with our comprehensive list of JMeter interview questions. These interview questions are designed for both beginners and professionals.

QUE-1 What is JMeter?
Ans JMeter is an open source Java based application. It can be used to out performance testing of web based application, web services, FTP server, etc. JMeter works on level of protocol it doesn't execute JavaScript present in HTML Webpages.

QUE-2 Does JMeter tool stimulates a real browser?
Ans No, JMeter does not simulate or function like a real browser. It cannot render HTML response like an actual browser.

QUE-3 What is Tidy parsing?
Ans Its a type of parsing used in XPath extractor. In case of pure XML tidy parsing is not required but in case of case of XHTML its mandatory to check tidy parsing.

QUE-4 What is a test plan?
Ans A Test plan in JMeter is a logical container containing all the test elements which constitute the performance test. Some of the different elements in a test plan are – Thread Group, Samplers, Timers, Assertions, etc.

QUE-5 What is a distributed testing?
Ans Distributed Testing means using multiple machines for load testing in which one of the machines can be made master and others can be kept as a slave. All the machines should be on the same network and should have the same version of Java and JMeter.

QUE-6 Explain parameterization in JMeter?
Ans Parameterization is the process of parameterizing the user input or other test inputs. So as to use different values for different users and loop iterations. For instance, an external CSV file can be created with multiple login credentials and then passed to the load test script in order to fetch different credentials for each iteration.
[For more details, refer to the post- Parameterization in JMeter]

QUE-8 Is coding necessary to create script in JMeter?
Ans Creation of script in JMeter is different from normal script creation. Mostly, a script can be created by recording or using JMeter UI. Followed by parameterization of tests, correlation, and configuration of different test parameters.

QUE-9 What are the ways in which Data Parameterization can be done in JMeter?
Ans Data Parametrization is done to make the script reusable where the values are not required to be hardcoded.

QUE-10 What is Workbench?
Ans A Workbench in JMeter is a temporary area of storage for the test elements. It also contains non-test elements like HTTP Proxy Server, which can be configured to record scripts via browser in JMeter. Any element placed in the workbench doesn’t get saved after with the test plan’s JMX script.

JMeter Interview Questions

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