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After an extensive bit of research and study, I made myself able to code my first Flutter application. The name of the application I did was Flutter Dice. It's a Flutter dice application. I took the help of Udemy and Youtube in making of this application.

As a newbie to Flutter it was the first time I used stateful widgets in Flutter. The application has two pictures one on the left and the other on the right side that have buttons embedded on them. And a set of six pictures representing different dice heads were given as an asset.

Application Screenshot

So when you click on a picture a button gets pressed. I made use of Dart Math library and used Math randomize to randomize the pictures on these buttons. When you click on one picture the left side and the right side picture would get randomize and a picture from the set of pictures that we gave in would appear in a randomized manner. No lags or pings would appear in the happening of this process. To the user, it would appear as if he's playing with a real-world dice.

Code Snippets

I have learned a lot by making this application. I was able to use the knowledge of Math libraries, Stateful widgets and more in this simple application. And thus I created my first Flutter Application.. :)

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