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My journey to ACM-ICPC Regionals ASIA! What did I learn?


The International Collegiate Programming Contest is a global competition designed to draw attention to a skill which has a profound effect on the modern world: programming. Teams of students representing their respective universities, compete by using teamwork and problem solving abilities to solve as many computer-related problems as possible within a given time limit. The most noteworthy teams from regional competitions come together every year for this contest to determine once and for all which school is the best at coding! It's really just another big programming competition. Except it's not, because ICPC is more than that. It's the World Cup of Algorithmic Programming Contests

About Regionals

The ICPC regionals are organized by the local universities of different regions spread across the globe. The winners of these regional rounds of the contest get to represent the country in the ICPC World Finals. The Asia Regionals in India will be held at 4 sites viz. Amritapuri, Kolkata, Gwalior, and Kharagpu.
last year for the first time a team from our college(SISTEC) qualified for ICPC regionals. before that there was an online qualifying round in which only 700 teams are selected in INDIA and we were fortunate to make to the top 700 teams. then

End of our Journey

Although we didn't manage to take the prize from the very topmost institutions, we beat plenty of other great IITs and NITs. Some of these are…IIT allahabaad, IIT guwahati, IIT jodhpur, IIT ranchi and many more,
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