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Batch Your React Updates

React doesn't automatically batch updates that you trigger in:

  • Native DOM event listeners (e.g., el.addEventListener())
  • Async callbacks (e.g., promises, timeouts, intervals)

Consider the following code:

  .then(({name, age}) => {

In the above example, React will re-render your UI tree twice! Try it on CodeSandbox.

One way to fix this is to use a single state variable.

  .then(({name, age}) => {
    // now instead of using two state
    // variables, we just use one.
    setUserProfile({ name,  age });

Try it on CodeSandbox.

Another way is to wrap updates inside unstable_batchedUpdates callback. As the name suggests, this API will batch your updates in a single reconciliation pass, resulting in less component renders.

Don't worry, the API is very stable despite the unstable_ prefix. The only thing to keep in mind is that the API is renderer-specific, meaning that on the web it should be imported from the react-dom package, not react.

import {unstable_batchedUpdates} from 'react-dom';
// react-native
import {unstable_batchedUpdates} from 'react-native';

Then, use it like so:

unstable_batchedUpdates(() => {

Try it on CodeSandbox.

You might be thinking that this is pretty unintuitive and verbose. I sometimes wonder myself why this isn't automatic. The good news is that React will make it so in a future release, but we need to first opt-in to either Blocking Mode, or Concurrent Mode. In the meantime, try these workarounds!

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official_dulin • Edited

Good to know. I created several test cases to verify the function of ReactDOM.unstable_batchedUpdates