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Useful VS Code extensions for Web Dev..


Color Highlight

  • styles css/web color codes in code.

Prettier Code Formatter

  • You can achieve Auto Format on Save

  • Suppports JavaScript , TypeScript , Flow , JSX , JSON*,CSS , SCSS , Less, HTML , Vue , Angular, GraphQL , Markdown , YAML

    • Install Prettier extension and enable Format on Save in VS Code settings.

Auto Rename Tag

  • Automatically rename paired HTML/XML tag as you change them

Html Css Support

  • Auto Completion of css ,scss classes , html attributes
    • Class attribute completion.
    • Id attribute completion.

CSS Peek

  • Ctrl+click on class names takes to class in CSS/SCSS/LESS files

IntelliSense for CSS class names in HTML

  • CSS class name completion for the HTML class attribute

HTML Preview

  • Previews html as you type

Live Server

  • Launch a local development server with live reload feature for static & dynamic pages.

UI plugins

Atom Theme

  • for those who love Atom Text Editor Theme like me

Material Theme

  • Cool looking theme

Material Icons

  • displays icons according to file extensions

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