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Ralph Vaz
Ralph Vaz

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Login Management for SPA and Everyone Else (Part II)

This article picks up from my original post (if you haven't read that, you can read it here: Login Management for SPA and Everyone Else )

In this post, we will complete the implementation and add the Login with the providers we want.

There are two ways to achieve it.

  • The easy way
  • The not-so-easy way

I will go through option 1 :)

The Easy Way

I take the code for the login extension available in Pathfix App.

        <script id='pinc.helper' 
          data-ui-button-prefix='Login with' 

The code from Pathfix will handle the steps involved in N1:/N2:/N3:/N4: from the login flow chart (as below)

Codeflow for OAuth Login (5).png

As soon as this is placed I see the login buttons like so...


To handle the post login event I add the following code:

    function onLoggedIn(){

    function onLoggedOut(){
        //Code to redirect to login page

That's it.

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