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Malware Classes

Malware Classes
Class Description
Virus: Code that propagates (replicates) across systems with user intervention
Worm: Code that self-propagates/replicates across systems without requiring user intervention
Bot: Automated process that interacts with other network services
Trojan: Malware that is often disguised as legitimate software
Ransomware: Malware that holds the victim's data hostage by cryptography or other means
Rootkit: Masks its existence or the existence of other software
Backdoor: Enables a remote attacker to have access to or send commands to a compromised computer
RAT: Remote Access Trojan, similar to a backdoor
Info Stealer: Steals victims information, passwords, or other personal data
HackTool: Admin tools or programs that may be used by hackers to attack computer systems and networks. These programs are not generally malicious
Hoax: Program may deliver a false warning about a computer virus or install a fake AV
Dropper/Downloader: Designed to "install" or download some sort of malware
Adware: Automatically renders advertisements in order to generate revenue for its author.
PUP/PUA: Potentially Unwanted Program, sometimes added to a system without the user's knowledge or approval

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