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Save Your App From Getting Failed - Now.

rameezramzan profile image Rameez Ramzan Ali ・4 min read

It’s 2018 and app industry is climbing up the business by every passing hour. While building apps have become a lot easier than it used to be, creating fail proof apps is the actual need of the hour. App development has become a piece of cake as well as a goblet of fire. It’s all about who can leverage from the smart work rather than the famous “hard work”.

While you are in the app development industry, ensuring the success of your app is totally upon you and no it’s not about fate or something else. Extensive research, hours of practical work and here they are, top preventive measures to practice while you develop an app.

Development Isn't the Only Part to Ponder

If you think of yourself only as a developer, it will cost you your app. Developers are geeks in playing with codes but when it comes to understanding the business perspective of an app including marketing, customer support, financial and legal issues, being just a developer won’t get your job done.

You must have witnessed well-developed apps going down the lane of failure. Dwell the reasons and you will find lack in marketing efforts. You have to fuel your app by keeping the business approach in mind. Only by this way, your app will be able to tap the target audience.

Overdoing Features

Who doesn't want a feature rich app? Certainly everyone but what if you observe some of the most popular business-centric apps globally and you will realize they aren’t on the “More features” model. For the initial release, your app should include some of the major features that can live up to the expectations of your users. This will help you launch your app on time and afterward, well, there is always an upgrade button the app store.

Overdoing on app features won’t only prolong your app launch but it will also make your app more complex for your users. A common perception that more features mean more success and more business isn't valid. Focus on few features and tap the market to gain the initial chunk of feedback and obviously, success.

Founder Obsessions

A founder is like the mother of an app and he is more likely to get obsessed with a feature that he finds more useful ignoring the need of users. With the continuous flow of ideas and advice, the founder is more likely to get distracted from the main scope of an app.

To get yourself out of the founder reservations, make sure you have an app roadmap that includes all the progress of an app including features, bug fixes, etc. Secondly, you should be eying upon the comments and reviews of your users on the app store as well as in social media communities. Practicing this trait will convey the real picture of your app's performance to you.

Last but not the least, it's always important to analyze your front and back-end data. It gives you insights about the user feedback as well as the data helps in analyzing the pain points of your app’s backend issues.

Beta Testing Isn't For Any Good

Tight deadlines, tough schedules and a heap of tasks, oh yes, we are talking about app development process. Every app-prenuer strictly keeps one thing in mind — App’s launch date. What he ignores is public beta testing and this is where failure comes into play.

Put more focus on testing your app publicly so that you can encounter issues that pertain to usability.

Polish your app accordingly with the public feedback and refine it until its ready for the launch. Focus on launching a well-tweaked version of your app rather than hurriedly throwing all of your precious app development effort in the market.

It’s Raining Money

App-preneurs must realize that submitting an app on the app store doesn't start raking in fortune instantly. It costs much more than that. If you are looking up to Uber, Airbnb, Subway Surfer, Angry Birds or Pokemon Go, yes they earned heaps of money but do you know how many of apps managed to get to this amount of success?

While all of the above-mentioned apps weren’t an overnight success, they surely had a vision that made them what they are. Similarly, think of the vision with which you will be building your app.

As an app-prenuer, get into the shoes of your users and ask yourself invoking questions such as “ What makes this app different”, “ Does my app has the potential to tap the right audience at the right nerve”.


It’s an absolute nightmare to see your app getting failed. However, you can evade this absolute failure by taking care of all the elements elaborated in this post. It is a rigorous and exhaustive process to develop a successful app but when it is done rightly with keeping all important elements in mind, it surely decreases the risk of a failed app.

With the global tech community being hyperactive, you should follow numerous app developers on social media platforms. Take leverage of their articles and tips they roll out on various publishing platforms such as medium. LinkedIn Pulse, Quora etc.

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