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Thoughts for programmer

Programming is not just about typing expressions and statements , it is about being carefully designing and implementing all the detailed features. Its a pattern language in which you need to follow already existing patterns or just discovering your own way of systematic thinking.

You try to document it so that others can understand it, you try to engineer it so that others can have a look and work on it. Its a practice of everyday activities on a computer. Take a project for an example, if you have a project that you are working on alone is gonna wait for you to come back and refactor or add your updates, however , programming could be better if it was divided into teams and then you could start to think about the responsibility and everyone’s role in it, so you better plan what you are going to do.

If the project is already beautifully written, you will start to take extra bit of attention not to change it quickly or refactor, so it will take more time to understand it throughly. To increase your programming knowledge, read books, learn a new programming language every year, take a programming course. Another point is to communicate well between team mates. We write plans , docs and communicate our ideas among teams, we write code for a computer to understand so we need to do it well.

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