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Ram Maheshwari ♾️
Ram Maheshwari ♾️

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How I Created my Complete Portfolio Website in less than 2 hours 🤯 ( No Clickbait )

Few days before, I created an OpenSource Project called Dopefolio and wrote an Article about it here explaining the project. 🚀

I decided to use Dopefolio to build my own Portfolio Website 🥳 as Dopefolio is an OpenSource Portfolio Website Template for Developers.

Fun Fact: I was able to build my Entire Portfolio Website in Less than 2 hours 🤯 and in this Article, I'm going to explain how I was able to build my Portfolio Website so quickly 🤘

Ram Maheshwari Portfolio Site Preview

First, let's see what are the minimum requirements that we will need to build the portfolio site and it's not much 😉

All we need is ⬇️

  • Basic Knowledge of HTML
  • Basic Knowledge of GIT
  • NodeJs Installed locally

and that's it, that's all you need in order for you to build a professional portfolio website as soon as possible ✌️

I followed these 3 steps to build my Portfolio Site in less than 2 hours

  1. Cloned the Dopefolio Repository
  2. Updated the Text, Theme Color, and Images inside the html files based on my information.
  3. Hosted the website online on Netlify ( Optional )

Note: Everything regarding the setup and modifying the Dopefolio repo is already explained in the file of Repository

Step 1:

For step 1, all we need is to have some basic understanding of GIT so we can clone the Repository, and then we can remove the git origin to a new origin in our own Github account.

Dopefolio Github Repo

Step 2:

For step 2, we need some basic understanding of HTML so we can change the text and images inside the HTML files.

Note: I have used mockups for my project images instead of just using regular images. If you like to use mockups as well, then you can generate them for free on websites like Media Modifier, Smart Mockups, etc.

With and Without Mockup

Step 3 ( Optional )

If you like to host your site online so other people can use it then you can do it very quickly using Netlify

Netlify makes it very easier to host the website online and it's also free to host website on Netlify.

The file of the Dopefolio repo already provides the instruction for hosting the site on Netlify.


So, after following all the steps, I ended up building my own Portfolio Website 🥳


Feel free to check the website here and share your feedback on it 😸

I hope you find this post to be helpful and thanks for reading it 😇

P.S. ✌️

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Top comments (5)

ashutoshmishra profile image
Ashutosh Mishra

Wow 😳, super awesome template to create the portfolio.
I was looking for something similar where I don't have to manage everything and can create an awesome portfolio.
Creating one for me now. 🌈

rammcodes profile image
Ram Maheshwari ♾️

That's great to hear, Ashutosh, Feel free to ask me any questions related to the template in case if you face any problems and I will make sure to help you out with that.

ashutoshmishra profile image
Ashutosh Mishra

Sure :-)

kiransbaliga profile image
Kiran S Baliga

woah!! soo cool!

rammcodes profile image
Ram Maheshwari ♾️

Thanks a lot, Kiran 😄