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Discussion on: How to get hired

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Raphael Jambalos • Edited

Hi Rahoul! I agree with your points on tailor fitting your approach to the company you are going to apply for.

As a senior cloud developer, I get to interview candidates for my current employer. What I usually do is probe if the candidate has the skill baseline we are looking for. After that, I judge if the candidate is culture-fit. Knowing the employer's value and culture really helps a lot in terms of tailor fitting your approach.

I think a good way to go about this is looking for people you know who are or were with the company. If you can't find one, research people who are part of the company and try to catch if they have a platform they are active with or a community they are active in.

As a community leader for the AWS User Group - Mega Manila, I get people who message me how it's like in ECV and how they can "ace" the interview. I don't give them all the answers ofcourse, but my answers hint at that. And its definitely a good way to come prepared!

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Rahoul Baruah Author

Absolutely - LinkedIn is great for this. And try to find out as much about the values of the company as possible.

Thanks for your reply