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Dev.to has a lot of content that you can enjoy. Make sure to have tags of topics that interest you. For me, thats devops and AWS.

You can also interact with people through the comments section of each blog post. It can be intimidating to comment at first, but people here are really friendly. Sometimes the founder of DEV.to comments on your posts, or replies on your comments. He is very friendly and he is a reflection of the kind of people here. He also posts interesting discussion threads and it's nice to comment on those.

When you're feeling more at home, you can write blog posts. People really show their appreciation for your work here. As a blogger myself, I think more than reach, its the engagement that makes me love DEV.to.

There is also the dev shop where you can buy merch. I particularly love the laptop stickers!


Is it right to promote personal blog post here? Instead of writing one here?


I think most people would suggest not doing that. You can start a post with something like "Originally posted on name of your blog " but I would still take the time to actually write the post out here.

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