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Earlier this year I had an interview at a tech company in London as a network developer. My friend suggested I applied and gave me some tips, he warned me that I should "cover my tattoos with a shirt", I did so. Even though they're not offensive, no nudity, racism or anything like that. Within minutes the interviewer had asked if I had any body modifications, I said yes and the interview carried on. Left after a couple of hours being there after going through the technical stuff. My friend called me asked how it went and I told him that it went well, he asked if I told him about the tattoos obviously saying yes, his reaction was "Ah, well that was a waste of time then". Never got confirmation why he doesn't like them, and not certain if they were the issue.


that's a shame. I know if you have to go to some conference or client's place, they want a good impression. Judge a person like that? I did that with a partner and then he become my best friend, I regreat what I did. Don't judge a person by their looks


Couldn't agree more, I tend to hide all of my tattoos because of this reason. But at the end of the day if an employer is going to judge someone for having this form of modification on their body then I'm not going to work for them.

Exactly, people are more than this. I don't have any but if they ask I would say "I have a big piercing in my dick, it's that a problem?" xD

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