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Golang open source for beginners

In my spare time I have been reading about Go, and going through video and blog tutorials to try to get some experience with the language. I've been doing PHP/Laravel full time for work for over 3 years, so that's my background pretty much.

I want to work on a project during my free few hours, and I was curious if anyone can recommend a project that would be open to having some help from an absolute beginner.

The biggest hurdle for me is even figuring out how the project is supposed to work.

Suggestions are highly appreciated!

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Meghan (she/her) • Edited

A day or two ago I made which is a single file library to make a map object that allows you to set an expiration on the keys.

Internally there is a native map protected with a semaphore that stores the actual data as well as a list that keeps a linked list of the currently active keys.

Currently, in the background, it loops through the list and checks if the associated key in the map is supposed to be dead. However, the ideal situation would be for the list to be in order of expiration, so that the loop only has to check the first one instead of the entire thing.

If you'd like to tackle this, I'd be happy to accept the contribution/help you through it. 💜 If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

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Okay, I would like to follow up on this. Follow back for DM

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Syerikjan Kh

Few things to clarify:
line *list.List -> is used only for removing the keys based on its expiration as a storage?
We might use min heap and check if the root is still alive or not and delete it?

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I've been working on a tool for taking notes in the terminal. It's still early stages and I'm also a beginner in Go.

You could take a look at it here if you're interested:

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Hi Rapulu, awesome-beginners has a list divided by programming language, including Go.

It might help :)

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lol, Thanks but I don't think I can handle them.

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Theofanis Despoudis
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Dhiraj Ray

Here is a list of open-source projects on golang -