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Explain Offset in CSS Like I'm Five

Hello there! I have come across this term offset in CSS for many times. In my view, I treat it as a way of describing a element position in box model but I'm not sure whether it's accurate or not. I have googled it but every page seems to assume readers have grasped this concept. Also, I looked it up in dictionary but I hope there is a definition specifically for CSS. Forgive my asking but English is my second language.
Thanks in advance!

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How to write a kickass README

Arguably the single most important piece of documentation for any open source project is the README. A good README not only informs people what the project does and who it is for but also how they use and contribute to it.

If you write a README without sufficient explanation of what your project does or how people can use it then it pretty much defeats the purpose of being open source as other developers are less likely to engage with or contribute towards it.