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Creating Golang CRON Jobs

Scheduled tasks allow you to run specific code at a specified interval of time and are primarily used within a CI/CD system to perform a variety of operations like nightly builds, GitHub repository cleanup, newsletters, and service monitoring, among others. You can use scheduled jobs to send notifications when a process succeeds or fails and to perform batch tasks without any human involvement.

In this article, you'll learn to create CRON jobs in Golang, a statically typed, compiled programming language designed by engineers at Google. Golang contains the best features from C and Python, like memory safety, automatic garbage collection, structural typing, and concurrency, to name a few. Specifically, you'll learn to use gocron and cron.v2 to schedule tasks, explore the limitations of using these packages, and then consider a serverless and easy-to-use approach to task scheduling using Airplane.

Read the full blog on Airplane.

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