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Find out what’s New in Angular 10

Digitization has become the most essential aspect for every business as most of the customers today prefer to use online services. Having a mobile and web presence is important not just for big brands but also for startups. One of the common platforms for developing mobile and desktop web apps is Angular, a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework that is led by the Angular team at Google. Angular 10 was released this year on 24th June but with the beta version. This is the major release that covers the entire platform with the framework, Angular Material, and the CLI. Before you hire a developer, let’s find out everything you need to know about Angular 10 and how it will boost the web app development process.

Major Updates with the Release of Angular 10

The latest release of Angular focuses on quality tools and ecosystems not on new features. From the new date range picker in the Angular Material UI to the compiler upgrade, we are here to highlight the latest features of Angular 10 and its impact. Another follow-up point release to Angular 10 is Angular 10.1.0 that was released on 2nd September that brought performance improvements to the compiler & router with a new message extraction tool.

Here are some of the latest features of Angular 10-

  • TypeScript Support
    One of the features of Angular 10 is support for typescript 3.9. if you are thinking what Typescript is? It is a language used by TypeScript compiler to type-check the code that builds on JavaScript adding syntax for type declarations or annotation. This helps in cleaning readable JavaScript that runs on lots of diverse runtimes. Along with error-checking, Typescript has the functionality for rich editing and speeding up the compiler.

  • Language Service
    The language-service-specific compiler helps to check multiple typecheck files with the help of an interface that generates ScriptInfos as required. Another update with Angular 10 that safeguards the inhouse core functionality is the removal of autocompletion from HTML entities.

  • Browser Configuration
    Another update is the configuration of the browser for new projects that are meant to outdo older and less used browsers. However, it disables ES5 builds by default, which is why you have to add the required browsers in the browserslist RC file to enable.

  • New Date Range Picker
    The Angular Material UI component library of Angular 10 comes with a new date range picker. Two components will be used for this feature, i.e. mat-date-range-input and mat-date-range-picker.

  • Compiler Interface
    To wrap the actual ngtsc compiler, a compiler interface has been added in Angular 10 along with name spans for property reads and method calls. Apart from this dependency information, ng-content selectors, the angular language service is also added to the metadata.

  • Optional Setting for Strict Projects
    Angular 10 comes with the good news for strict project setup enabling them to create a new workspace with ng new (ng new --strict). After the flag is enabled, the new project starts with new settings that improve maintainability and provide assistance in catching bugs on time allowing CLI to perform advanced optimizations.

  • New Compiler Entry Points
    The latest release of Angular has a program-based entry-point finder that helps in processing only the entry points reached by a program defined by a tsconfig.json file. Through this feature, one can speed up the process in places having a higher no. of dependencies with a smaller count of entry points, reducing the file size. This avoids storing unnecessary empty arrays unlike in earlier versions where ngcc parse files of the entry points, which is time taking process.

  • Better Performance
    As discussed above, the size of the entry point is reduced which helps to improve the performance. Instead of computing every time, the caching of dependencies is executed with the entry point and is read from there.


As we can see, Angular has become an essential part of every web and app project. With the ease of use and its versatility, it has gained huge attention among many expert developers across the world. Soon after it released the Angular 10 version, it came with its first point release, Angular 10.1 for the performance improvements to the compiler and address router & core bugs with a new message extraction tool. If you are planning to hire Angular developers to upgrade your project with Angular 10 or use for a new project, get in touch with the experts of reliable Web Development Company San Jose to ensure a smoother path ahead for the development.

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