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The 2 Career path of a Web Developer

When you are new and just starting to become a web developer and confused about what's the best programming language and framework you would choose to learn then this is for you.

There are 2 types of career path for a Web Developer and this is very important before you decide what programming language you have to focus on because this two has a huge different to become a successful web developer.

Freelance Path

  • PHP
  • Javascript

In the freelance path, the most profitable skill at all times is WordPress. You need to have knowledge in PHP to build and customize WordPress themes effectively.

You also have to learn javascript to manipulate your frontend.

Employed Path

  • Javascript

If you would like a high chance to be hired as a Web Developer (even you have only 6 months of experience) then the best way is to learn Javascript programming because there's a huge demand for frontend developers nowadays. When you have good knowledge of javascript it's time for you to choose a JS framework like Angular, ReactJs, VueJs. Just choose one of them and master it.


Of course both paths you must be good to write HTML and CSS to become a successful web developer. Hope it helps. :)

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