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Raymond Camden
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Updating my Reddit Workflow with Pipedream

This was originally just going to be a tweet, but then I realized I wanted a bit more space to talk about it and figured I'd write it up as a post. And since this is my blog and I can do what I want to, you get to enjoy this little nugget of information.

Back almost exactly a month ago, I blogged about using Pipedream to build a Reddit email report. The idea was that I wanted a daily email of posts from my subscribed subreddits for the past 24 hours of content. The implementation was a bit complex. I used one workflow to handle "get a days worth of content from subreddit" as a general "API" and another workflow connected to my authentication. It handles getting my subscriptions, hitting the API, and then generating the email. Here's an example of how that looked:

Email report

This worked well, but after a while of actually getting the email, I noticed some problems. The email takes all of the posts from all of my subscriptions and sorts them together. I thought this made sense to me, but I noticed it made it harder to actually read the content. Sometimes I don't care about a subreddit and mentally it just felt weird going from the movies subreddit to the Acadiana one. Also, some subreddits get a huge amount of traffic in a day. The email was hard to read and just too long.

So I decided to fix that. I didn't want to edit my original workflow because I wanted it to still be a reference for the older post. Luckily Pipedream makes that simple. I turned off the CRON schedule on the workflow and just used the copy command.

Next, I edited the Node.js code step that combines and sorts my data. This:

for(let i=0;i<result.length;i++) {
    this.posts = this.posts.concat(result[i].data.result);

this.posts.sort((a,b) => {
    if(a.created_utc < b.created_utc) return 1;
    if(a.created_utc >b.created_utc) return -1;
    return 0;

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Became this:

for(let i=0;i<result.length;i++) {
  this.posts = this.posts.concat(result[i].data.result.slice(0,10));

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No more sorting together and I'm only getting the first ten entries from each subreddit. (Those posts should be date sorted already. Should be.)

Then I modified the step that formats the email. I added in code to notice when a new subreddit start and added HTML to make it more visibly separated.

let dotLeft = function(s, len) {
  if(s.length < len) return s;
  return s.substring(0, len)+'...';

let lastSub = '';

this.subject = `Daily Reddit Report`;
this.body = `
<h1>Daily New Posts for Your Reddit Subscriptions</h1>
steps.get_and_sort.posts.forEach(p => {
  // only show thumbnails when they aren't "self","default","nswf" - or more broadly, not a url
  if(p.thumbnail.indexOf('http') === -1) delete p.thumbnail;
  let text = '';
  if(p.is_self) text = dotLeft(p.selftext,200);
  if(p.subreddit !== lastSub) {
    this.body += `<hr/><h2>${p.subreddit}</h2>`;
    lastSub = p.subreddit;
  this.body += `
${ p.thumbnail ? '<img src="'+p.thumbnail+'" align="left" style="margin-right:10px">':''}
<b>Title: ${p.title}</b><br/>
URL: <a href="${p.url}">${p.url}</a><br/>
Reddit URL: <a href="${p.permalink}">${p.permalink}</a><br/>
Author: ${}<br/>
<br clear="left">

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Basically - notice when the subreddit changes and add a horizontal rule and header. Also notice I modified my code on when to show images. This seems to work much better.

And that's it. My new workflow may be found here: I'm trying my best to make good use of the Readme feature to document what I've done.

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