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Discussion on: JavaScript Is Eating The World

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Ricardo Bánffy

I'm old enough to remember the time when it was "Any application that can be written in BASIC will be written in BASIC".

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Mark Lester

I am old enough to have used MS BASIC 1.0. Nobody was saying that. They were saying PASCAL would be the language to follow as I remember. They werent even teaching C in most universities. Things have moved on somewhat from 1981. The kids are being taught Node as undergrads, it's really impressive.
History has not ended. We are neck deep in frameworks and all sorts, there plenty to argue the toss about. But the Perl->Python->PHP->JavaScript odyssey is over IMO. We are going to have all kinds of MochaBerryHotRoastScript and God knows what else, but they are all going to be ECMAScript compatible.
Lester's Proposition: If you are stood in a green field and your competitor is in the next field using JavaScript. If you dont follow suit they will rape you.