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What's wrong with being a windows developer? The majority of enterprise systems are .NET. I know it's not the coolest thing, but I've been thinking of learning C# this year because there always seems to be very good paying jobs for it.


Nothing wrong with it at all. Many of my co-workers are .NET devs.

For me:

  • I've always preferred working with Linux/OS X. Just personal preference.
  • .NET jobs seem to trend toward large companies. "Enterprise systems" as you noted. I've tended to enjoy working for smaller companies which (generally, not always) don't do as much .NET. The place I'm at now is more mid-size (about 600 total employees).

I actually think C# is a pretty nice language from what little I've done so far.

Idk why but I prefer c# over Java

I work as a Java dev for a mid sized company which uses all the oracle stuff.

My recommendation is stay away from oracle and have a good time :>

I like C#. I worked as a C++ developer for a long time and there is so much ceremony associated with C++ just to avoid wandering into the wrong bit of memory. Moving to C# was a relief. I followed that with a stint as a Java developer and found it a bit of a leap backwards although I did like Java enums. Now I can develop .NET Core on my MBP without having to boot a VM and deploy to docker. I'm currently looking at Elm for some frontend dev.

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