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E-020 Dealing with Bugs (that you didn't write)

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In this episode, Jon ditches Spencer so he can move all his things and Spencer catches you up with his latest project and talks about dealing with Bugs that you didn't write yourself.

0:20 - Where’s Jon?! 1:12 - Spencer Update: The perpetual “launching rebuild soon” 1:38 - Free React Native Fundamentals Workshop available 3:20 - How to dealing with bugs when you can’t upgrade the package/an update isn’t available yet with patch-package 7:20 - Dealing with large bugs/changes/feature additions - using your own fork 9:20 - Why you should contribute your fixes back 10:30 - Hacktoberfest - Great time to start contributing (but make it valuable contributions!) 11:06 - These are temporary solutions - don’t forget to remove them when you can do a proper update




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