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React GraphQL Academy

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Join our meetups and support minorities in tech

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If you can’t get enough React and GraphQL, then we have something for you: our very own meetups. Open to React GraphQL Academy alumni and new faces alike, our meetups are a great place to network with your peers and learn even more about React and GraphQL.

What to Expect from the React GraphQL Academy Meetup

At React GraphQL Academy, we’re devoted to helping developers expand their knowledge of the React ecosystem. That’s why we organise and run free (we only charge a nominal fee) workshops and events for the JS community throughout Europe.

We host networking events and tech meetups in the following cities:

Previous meetups have included December 2019’s TypeScript Evening, where React GraphQL Academy coach Francisco Gomes introduced the audience to TypeScript. Our founder Alex Lobera then showed everyone how to speed up productivity with end-to-end safety using TypeScript code generation tools.

All in all, our React meetups are a great way of expanding your knowledge of the React ecosystem. They’re also a fantastic opportunity to network with others in your field and to uncover new business opportunities - and even make new friends!

Expect more great insights at upcoming React meetups from experts in the React field.

Why We Charge a Nominal Fee

The React GraphQL Academy meetups are pretty popular, so we’ve chosen to charge a nominal fee of 3.60 for people to attend. For just a few pounds/euros, this fee is not for profit, but serves as a way to do two things:

1) Confirm your attendance

2) Fund our React GraphQL Academy scholarships

The fee acts as a way to confirm your attendance, which we use to book a suitable venue. In this way, we can guarantee the future of our React meetups.

But perhaps more exciting is that we use the nominal fee to fund scholarships for students that couldn’t afford our courses any other way. Our mission is to empower every developer who wants to learn about React with the tools they need to succeed. That’s why we offer scholarships as a way to expand access to our training opportunities. For some students, this opportunity can be life-changing and can unlock new career choices they would never have had.

It’s a great cause and we’re proud to offer scholarships, but we couldn’t do it without raising funds somewhere. That’s where the nominal fee comes in. We recently interviewed an alumnus who benefited from the scholarship. Learn more about Georgina and how important the React GraphQL Academy scholarship was to her now.

Join Us at the Next React GraphQL Academy Meetup

The React community is one of the best in the world of development, and we’re committed to making it that much better. Join us at the next React GraphQL Academy meetup, coming to a city near you soon.

If you have any questions about our tech meetups, Bootcamps or training courses, be sure to get in touch with us at

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