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Very nice portfolio site. Looks good. I suggest adding a title on the main page (like your name). Maybe change "I'm Faahim." to "About Me", and put your name in big letters at the top. It's your site. Give yourself credit! ;-)


That's an amazing idea! I gotta try that out!! 😀
The name needs to stand out, right? The challenge here is, I want to keep the UI as clean as possible. I hope adding the name won't make it look cluttered. 🙂

while(1) {console.log("Thank you! 😁")}


Yes. Keep it simple. Just adding your name at the top, maybe left-justified, will say a lot.

It'll be the first thing I'll do when I wake up, I promise! 😄


This was going to be my main suggestion as well. The only other thing I'd consider is maybe bumping up the font size slightly on the page-section titles, but that could just be me.

Otherwise, I think it looks great!

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