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Recap Time Newsletter: Oversimplified Stuff, Spoiler-Ahead-Because-Gildedguy-Origin-Story, and more!

After days of drafting the first issue and procrastinating for weeks, we got into this. Welcome to the first issue of Recap Time! Expect we may not keep the newsletter fresh every two weeks. Also please be reminded that this was crafted from March 6 to 27, with additional 1-2 days for peer review and handling publishing stuff to Medium.


  • Gildedguy Story #0 is expected to be released by March 31 (April 1 in PHST). Read on or maybe watch the announcement on YouTube. to learn more.
  • Some of tech news we handpicked are now baked for your consumption. One of them is the possibility of iMac Pros getting discontinued and investigations against racism inside Facebook's hiring process.
  • As The Pins Team keeps expanding the online footprint, we had successfully arrived Mastodon (for bringing updates and stuff) and Launchpad (for mirrors stuff) with Framagit soon.
  • As we kick off our Medium publication this 2021, we had some memes and possibly your-favorite-digital-creators-went-out-of-context, especially the one who oversimplify One and Skid (Michael Moy did that lol).
  • ICYMI: Hyun's Dojo Community YT channel reached 2 Million subs, so are you ready for THIS? (Actually Michael Moy teased us about this in Twitter, and surely the 2 million dance video went into coconuts.)

Some Tech News

We try to pick what we deem important to discuss in this issue. So,
if we missed some and want to see them in the future issues,
send us an GitLab issue
as we'll look into it. As usual, keep coming back into your favorite
tech news site or watch new TechLinked uploads every MWF for more stuff.

Some Gildedguy Story #0 Updates

...and some stream memes for grins and giggles, but our
editor-in-chief prefers to place it in the Memes section of
this issue.

Okay, March 31 will be the worldwide premiere date on both Twitch
and YouTube. The hype is gonna keep up until we broke our measurements
in the unforeseeable future. (Depending on your timezone and the time
of premiere, some of you may went to the wrong side of the road, AKA
April 1. Please no more "Watch premieres at 3 AM" again, YouTubd.)

4 more future stories confirmed, but the fans at Discord are still
under heavy debate if Story 10 will be an
(Michael's comment on the Erase Humanity Part 2
may hint about the possiblity of Story X.)

From YouTube tho

From Discord

But, the premiere has been moved to this summer (for people in
Northern Hemisphere) for unknown reasons Michael didn't allowed to
say. Follow this GitLab issue and possibly join his Discord server for updates.

Okay, enough screenshots and updates. Let's scroll to our curated picks section.

Curated Picks

Picks from us and the community from your favorite creators that's currently inside and outside of our watchlist (pardon us,
but ping us on Twitter and on Mastodon if you want that article toget featured), plus more stuff. As the newsletter matures, we move open-source stuff, among others, in their own sections soon.

  • New to Dream SMP (or just curious about the fandom)? An The Verge article cover the essientials and the feels of an fan can help.
  • What if "trust fall" can be simulated (or even programmed) to an robot? If that happens, the robots can also stop its fall but the aspects needed to develop an physical trust and releationship between humans and robots are still missing. (Please don't ask Elon Musk somewhere in YouTube if robots replace humans in the future.)
  • If you don't careful, your multi-billion NFTs can go to the graveyard. And while IPFS can help, you might need to wait months as you know, decentralized platforms need to seed and cache content across multiple nodes, and in case of IPFS across planets (if humans ever lived in the moon or even on Mars).
  • Alan Pope, Martin Wimpress and Mark Johnson are now connected to your mind for community news and events for everything Ubuntu, Mark are migrating away from an command line utility to Bitwarden while Alan is busy upgrading his home server from Ubunth 18.04 to the latest LTS version 20.04 and more in the Ubuntu Podcast March 25, 2021 episode. They also rediscovered Keybase and a lot of blogging in March 18, 2021 episode. (This is not Alan Pope's official Blog Post Podcast, yet.)
  • Why there's the disconnect between Y Combinator Demo Days and due diligence? Well, it's chaotic for us to answer. If you want to invest with us on Patreon, go ahead and pick the tier, we recommend tiers with $50+ (we're not sure if $50 is fine for corporate patrons, but let us know in the comments) Otherwise, please wait as we write the document for investment stuff. With your due diligence required. (listen to related TechCrunch Equity podcast episode)
  • Wait, GameStop selling GPUs? Linus said yes because people need yet another retailer fighting over graphic cards' stock.

Memes Stuff

The memes we considered as an mess in other sections shall fall here. Don't
worry, we review all if them ahead of time before they even get published on
our Medium and possibly to soon.

Last March 6, Michael Moy oversimplified his characters, and even Oxob, One and Skid. We're not doing some
One and Skid $#!tpost here.

Yes, these are all cursed as you'll may say. Is this all started because of
Mozilla oversimplified the Firefox logo?

Let's dig around the chat archives we had, and eat these:

  • Don't worry, there will be no oversimplified Lilian as of now.

  • Is this yet (some crappy) CN reboot of The Amazing World of Gumball?

  • That's not Fry, either

  • Actually, Andrei Jiroh suggested Michael to oversimplify Oxob, but he'll not do it again next time.

That's it for now! Come back in the next issue for more stuff, and as always, consider supporting us finanically on Patreon
and follow us on Twitter and Mastodon for
updates. If you want to help us publish the next issue or found some bugs in this issue, consider contribute on GitLab.

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