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re: How did you establish initial conversation? How deep did you discuss details? What was it like in the beginning? Did you have expectations? What w...

Thanks for the questions Anton!

I think some of the questions I've answered already so I'll only add more specific answers here. Just to clarify, I was the mentor helping someone else.

  1. In terms of who reached out to who first, I think we were sent an email by Dev.To to paired us together. From there I don't remember if I reached out first or they did. Eventually, we had our first call and designed our relationship and established the goals they were interested in pursuing.

  2. We spoke to whatever depth my mentee was comfortable. Mentoring works best when trust, respect, and people can be honest. That all means that mentoring is personal, even if it is about skills.

  3. I'll try to answer the last 3 questions all at once. I've done this before. I have training to help me do this. When I begin to coach or mentor it follows the same basic set of things around designing our relationship and establishing goals. That can happen in one conversation, or it may take several. In terms of expectations, I think that I can only say the expectations I had of myself which were to stay focused on their goals, respect the relationship that we have, and let my mentee show up in whatever condition they happen to be in. Great day for them? Cool. Terrible day? That's fine too.

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