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Getting Started with Redis Stack

redis stack

Redis Stack is an extension of Redis that adds modern data models and processing engines to provide a complete developer experience. Redis Stack provides a simple and seamless way to access different data models such as full-text search, document store, graph, time series, and probabilistic data structures enabling developers to build any real-time data application.

Redis OSS vs. Redis Stack

In addition to all of the features of OSS Redis, Redis Stack supports:

  • Queryable JSON documents
  • Full-text search
  • Time series data (ingestion & querying)
  • Graph data models with the Cypher query language
  • Probabilistic data structures

Redis Stack License

Redis Stack is made up of several components, licensed as follows:

  • Redis Stack Server combines open source Redis with RediSearch, RedisJSON RedisGraph, RedisTimeSeries and RedisBloom is licensed under the Redis Source Available License (RSAL).
  • RedisInsight is licensed under the Server Side Public License (SSPL).

Which client libraries support Redis Stack?

The following core client libraries support Redis Stack:

  • Jedis >= 4.0
  • node-redis >= 4.0
  • redis-py >= 4.0

The Redis OM client libraries let you use the document modeling, indexing, and querying capabilities of Redis Stack much like the way you’d use an ORM. The following Redis OM libraries support Redis Stack:

  • Redis OM .NET
  • Redis OM Node
  • Redis OM Python
  • Redis OM Spring

To get started, refer this guide.

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