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Regiane Folter
Regiane Folter

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Xamarin vs React Native: the complete guide

We all know the benefits of building a cross-platform app over a native one. By using a cross-platform framework, we have a “2 for the price of 1” situation: developers are able to reuse code for both systems, iOS, and Android, which minimizes the project’s duration, expenses and time to market. However, there are several options for cross-platform frameworks. Have you already decided which one is the best for your product?

Two of the most popular cross-platform mobile development frameworks nowadays are Xamarin and React Native. They’ve become more known especially because of the buzzing communities of developers built around them. In order to discuss their differences and consider which technology is the best for different contexts, we gathered two developers from UruIT who are part of these communities.

Rodrigo is a Xamarin dev, while Andrea has experience working with React Native. In this post, we list the most important aspects of a mobile software development project and what you can expect from React Native and Xamarin, based on our devs’ experience. The main conclusion that we can already tell you: there is no “best technology,” only different characteristics that can better fit one project over another. Find out which suits yours! Read the complete Xamarin vs React Native guide here.

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