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Rembrandt Reyes (He/Him)
Rembrandt Reyes (He/Him)

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eSlayers part 7 - fetching more data for math history

Last post I was working on fetching data and trying to get some information to display for player match history. Now that I can fetch data from the match API I am going through and pulling all relevant data for match history

So far I have

  • Player name
  • Placement
  • Gold left
  • In-game level
  • Players eliminated
  • Trait of units used
    • Trait name
    • Number of units
    • Tier style
    • Tier of trait
  • Units
    • Unit name
    • Tier
    • Items

This is what my Match.tsx component looks like now
Match Component

And how it looks in localhost
Alt Text

So now that I have match history I want to pull more information related to the summoner. So in my case, I would like to pull some stats for Rjeezy.

Here are the data points I am looking to get for the summoner:

  • Average placement
  • Trait stats for the last 20 games
  • Most used units

So next up I will create some logic that will filter out all players besides the summoner so I can get access to summoner specific data for the data points I am trying to show.

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