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Rembrandt Reyes (He/Him)
Rembrandt Reyes (He/Him)

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Part 8 - Trying to get eSlayers to MVP

There are so many features that I want to get out before I launch this site but I need to remind myself that those are all things that can come later in the project's life. I need to stay to true to the MVP that I set out for this project

My checklist of things I wanted

  • Search for a summoner
  • Display top players in TFT
  • Summoner stats
  • Summoner match history

The last piece of data that I am working on is the top players for TFT. I want to display a list of players on the home page that will show the top 20 players in Challenger.

There are a couple of tricky things to this list that I have to consider. The API returns all the players in Challenger in no particular order. The list is an array of objects with 100 entries. Since I am trying to return only the top 20 players I will have to do some logic that will sort the players based on their League Points and filter out the rest.

This is what my index.tsx looks like for now.
index component

And I get my top 20 players from Challenger on the home page
Top 20

Awesome! So now that I am "finished" with the MVP data. I am going to move on to styling the pages.

Next up I will be deciding on a color scheme and then start on the layout of the website.

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