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How to prepare for a PHP interview?

Are you going to encounter a PHP interview next week? Wondering how to prepare yourself properly, so you can get your dream job? If you have sufficient knowledge of PHP and confident about that, you are already prepared to an extent, all you need is little garnishing to enhance your confidence level and make yourself a deserving candidate. 

Let’s start the preparation

Stop worrying about PHP interview questions. In this content, we are going to explore some ideas that can help an interviewee to face his or her job interview with confidence and secure their position in a respected company they desire. 

Building a good resume

It is the most primary and significant factor to consider while preparing for a PHP interview. If you fail to build your resume in a proper way, it can make a bad impact on the interviewer. Following tips can help you to create a good resume. 

  • Avoid using pictures
  • Including irrelevant work experience is not something of worth
  • Avoid making a lengthy resume 
  • Including hobbies is not a good idea
  • Avoid fancy designs
  • Be Careful about spelling mistakes
  • Check grammatical errors
  • Avoid color resume formats, prefer black and white 
  • The resume should be facile and readable
  • Do not forget to put your contact number on the first page

Preparing for interview questions

In any interview, it is very important that you know your subject properly. Before you encounter the interviewer, make sure that you have adequate knowledge about the fundamental concepts of PHP such as the followings: 

  • What is XAMPP/ WAMP
  • The process of including files in PHP 
  • Array functions
  • Types of errors 
  • Forming attributes 
  • Uploading files
  • File operations 
  • Session and cookies etc

Having all the answers is certainly not possible, but feeling confident without knowing the answer is achievable. Do not hesitate to tell the interviewer if you do not have the answer of a particular question, do not let the interview to pause and think positively that you definitely have the answer for the next question.

Using the internet

In today’s context, it won’t be wrong to say that internet helps us in almost everything. You can get an idea about the PHP interview questions that are frequently asked in PHP interviews and by mastering these, you can actually increase your confidence. Thorough online research elevates your chances to crack the PHP interview and get your desired job in a reputed IT company. 

Do research about the company

Before you encounter the interview, collect as much information as possible about the company that will help you to understand what they actually expect from their employees and you can prepare yourself to become one of them. You will also get to know how they conduct the interview session, what are the questions they usually ask to the interviewees. 

Time is precious

Use your time as precisely and sincerely as possible to prepare for the PHP interview. Make a list of questions which require more attention and invest quality time to prepare them. Do not waste time revising the same questions in which you already feel confident.Spend time in considering about your appearance and attitude in interview as well, as first impression certainly lasts. 


You need to consider about certain preparations before actually encountering a PHP interview and few ideas are given above to help you in this context. Remember that confidence is the key to success and if you want to crack the interview then you have to be confident at first, and try to follow the above mentioned discussions which may assist you getting your desired job. 

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