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I think that in the case of the latest outrage, some of the offensiveness of the original statement was overstated as it was taken from an image of a slide posted out of context. The person who posted the image and PPK himself (who was the one who presented the offending slide) have followed up with more context.

Given the full context, there is some merit to the concern about an over-reliance on tools and to the larger point he was making even if his words were somewhat intentionally incendiary.

Thanks for the perspective. If you're curious, I shared my own perspective about this as well.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply.
I do agree that sometimes things gets taken out of context, but I have seen the same tendencies so so many times through my career - in many different forms.
Sometimes its about approaches and methods, other times its about which language(s) you use (that REALLY riles people up).

I just don't think its any universal right or wrongs in this - and we should not try to label or invalidate anyone of our peers - instead support them and contribute to a better tech community :)


This sentiment is shared by at least some amount of developers that operate at a layer of abstraction below those they feel are not worthy of the title "programmer." To many, the web in any capacity is but a toy. You don't understand the technologies that browsers are built on? You're not a real programmer. We can keep going deeper and deeper until the only real programmers are the engineers who design the processor die.


I hear you, and if you read my full response in the link, you'll see that I am certainly not subscribing to that point of view.


I have no idea about the situation that you guys are talking about but I'd still like to speak my opinions. I'd say if the language you use isn't used in normal human interactions but can be understood by a machine or browser for that matter, then that is a programming language and you are a developer.

Doesn't matter if that language is Kotlin, CSS or Swift.

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