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Discussion on: How did you get your first Dev job?

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Brian Rinaldi

I had completed the equivalent of a bootcamp (though I don't recall us calling them that in 1999. I then decided to build a site as a demo (it was a web-based grade book for teachers back when those sorts of things were uncommon). My friend saw the demo and invited me to talk to the CEO of the startup he was working at and thus began my career.

1999 was such a different time however. It was the middle of the dotcom boom. Finding a job was relatively easy as there were too many jobs and not enough talent.

That being said, I would still say that today, having something in your portfolio to show would be hugely helpful if you're coming straight out of a bootcamp. Also, the power of networking when job hunting is huge - so I was lucky with my friend but go to meetups and any other opportunities you have to meet people in the industry.