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Load Balancer Tutorial 2020 - System Design Basics

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Load balancers aren't sexy but they ARE pretty much the backbone required for building modern distributed systems. There's surprisingly little content covering this topic, so I thought I'd make a tutorial to help beginners dip their toes into the basics of system design

Future system design topics

I'll be making more videos and articles covering the following topics

Why bother with this stuff

Even if you are a beginner frontend developer who doesn't necessarily need to worry about this stuff directly, I think it's important to have at least some exposure to how everything works together in an application. System design also becomes a much larger factor as you progress in your career and you gradually move from simply implementing features to helping to plan out the architecture of a complex app.

System design is often what separates a junior from a senior engineer, moving from knowing HOW to build something to knowing WHY to build something.

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Glad you're making System design content! I look forward to more :)


Looking forward to the rest of the series! ✊


glad you enjoyed it!

2nd video is posted up above, I'll be updating this post every time I post a new video or article


Those were some good yet brief explanations! I'll be taking system design this semester so I hope you keep producing more videos related to this! :D


hopefully these videos will give you a bit of a mental warmup so the class is easier to understand


Great video! I hope there is going to be more :)


just put out the 2nd video covering Vertical vs Horizontal scaling here:

have most of notes written for each topic, just need to make presentation and record


i love those type of vids that talks about the technical side of web dev, looking forward to other videos !


yeah, I'm just trying to make the kind of videos I wish I'd had when I was starting out. Without understanding any of the stuff behind the scenes I always felt like it was just magic, but it's really not that hard to understand with the right source to help you learn it


Nice Content!