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What are your goals for Hacktoberfest?

reobin profile image Robin Gagnon ・1 min read

Hacktoberfest is open starting today πŸŽ‰

What goal do you aim to achieve before October 31st?

Mine is to contribute and finally give back to at least 2 of the vim plugins I use every day.

What about you? Share below.


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To get that sweet sweet t-shirt



Some maintainers are having a hard time with spammers, sadly πŸ˜•



I am really having a blast reading through some of the PRs πŸ˜‚

Good stuff ahah!

I wonder how many of those are bots. I definitely see a pattern in the PRs.

Personally, I don't think they are bots.

One guy said there is a big Indian programming channel (TV or YouTube not sure) that promoted hacktoberfest yesterday and showed some steps on how to participate. So my guess is he showed them how to add "Amazing Project" kinds of comments and how to issue a PR and they all run with it thinking that's how contribution is done.


It's nice to get the t-shirt, but that is not the goal. It's a fun incentive, but the real goal is to get excited about open source and make meaningful contributions and also to help out others.

I was joined Hacktoberfest from 2019. That's make me contribute code on Github and sharing ideas in Dev. Hacktoberfest is door to open source world!

If you didn't know, the /s at the end of my post stands for sarcasm πŸ˜‚

Hahahhaha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Sure, T-Shirt is nice, but apart from that I decided to go through my github stars and see where I can be of an actual help.
So far:

  • I submitted a RP to graphql-express, fixing an issue I wrote about previously
  • I fixed a tiny bit of ioredis-mock library, that I would love to use, but couldn't due to differences to original ioredis behaviour
  • I picked up an issue from mocha and submitted a RP with a bit of refactoring, because I wanted to give something back to a library, that meant a lot to me as a developer

Currently looking for my last victim :-)


Hopefully not your last!


I want to get the t-shirt, sure. But I also want to solve some problems that users of my module have been having.

I’d also like to do more #perl advocacy, and maybe even play with this old C library that I like to tinker with when I want to remember how much fun it is to play with unmanaged memory.

I spend so much time at work doing business-ey things, I’d like to feel like a hacker again for a little bit before I have to go back to work.


Last year was my first year as a maintainer, now again as a maintainer and a contributor my goal is to gain many valid contributions to my personal and devisle community projects.


I am also a maintainer this year for the first time! It does feel nice to see people motivated to contribute


So I started of with documentation issue and made some PRs during the Pretember and now I am moving towards solving coding oriented issue my goal is to make some real good contribution to projects and feel a bit of proud that I got to make meaning full contribution to project that will be used by many people as well as getting to connect with many developers along the way.


This is my 2nd year. I only ended up doing 2 PRs last year. I was completely new to coding and felt super overwhelmed and lacked understanding to contribute, and I was way uncomfortable with Git/GitHub. This year I plan to change that. I want to for sure hit the 4 PRs for the shirt but would like to try and push myself to getting at least 10 PRs this year.


Nice! If you ask me about it, I choose quality over quantity any day.

Keep going!


This is my first HF but looking forward to help around in opensource projects as much as possible and create a nice network πŸ˜ƒ & ofcourse learn new things & facing new challenges.
Today I did 6 PRs😁.


Cool! Welcome! πŸŽ‰

Any more specific goals? I feel having specific goals helps me achieve a lot more


Yes I have set my specific goal as wellπŸ˜ƒ


Personally, I'm going to sit this one out. Clearly they need to fix the issues around spam.


I get where you come from.

Although I have to say that if you contribute quality PRs yourself, or help out people contribute to your repos, the community benefits from it, whether there is spam or not.

Keep up a good spirit!


Main motive is to get started with Open source , Make mistakes and learn from them. I want to join Google summer of code which is also a open source event.

I am contributing to python libraries.


I contributed to my friends project, changed some JS code which made the codebase much cleaner.


To figure out what hacktoberfest is


I use Boostnote everyday. I plan on contributing to it to make it better.

I've made PRs to the repository even before Hacktoberfest but they're still under review.


I think my obvious goal is to make a better PRs than previous year which is not that good PR in my opinion.


Improve our Android Developer Roadmap!

If you all are interested, take a look at this post!



Learning how to read code and how large projects organize their code


Mine is to get the t-shirt but also I am really happy to be able to contribute so much to the open source community and I also want he stickers


To get some experience with open source and expand my network !


This is my first year i am working on some really good projects. This marks my beginning in contributing in open source. Moreover now i am at DEV (well my name is also DEV :-)) where i can share my ideas and get the opportunity to learn from experts..

Thank You Everyone...


Welcome, DEV!