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HTTP Request Method

HTTP is effective communication for requests and responses between clients and servers. The message that is sent by a client to a server is what is known as an HTTP request. Client can send requests with various methods by the following table.

Method Description
GET GET is the most used requests in HTTP request methods. GET is used to request and retrieve information from the server. Requests using GET should only retrieve data.
HEAD HEAD is similar to GET but it transfers the status line and header section without having message-body in the response.
POST POST is used to send data to the server to create or update a resource by using HTML form.
OPTIONS OPTIONS is used to indicate the communication options for the target resource.
PUT PUT is similar to POST and the PUT method replaces all current representation of the target resource with the request.
DELETE DELETE is used to delete current representations of the target resource indicated by a specific URI.
TRACE TRACE is similar to POST and PUT but it performs a message loopback test along the path to the target resource.
PATCH PATCH is similar to POST and PUT and the main purpose of PATCH is used to partially modify the resource.

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