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re: Are You interested in a series implementing the same application in Vue, React, Angular, Svelte? VIEW POST


First, thank you for the proposition.

Personally, a series showing differences and similarities would be awesome.
I learned and worked with react for my personal projects, and now I need to learn angular for my job.
So this type of content could really help me (and others for sure) transition concepts learned in one framework to another.

My only concern is for the sake of comparison and accessibility, the "good practices" for some frameworks could be lost.

Looking forward to reading your articles.


I agree. I've never come across a single author series like this where the developer bias isn't towards one of the approaches and sort of loses the subtle nuances in other libraries of what makes them great. I find it much more interesting when you have experts at each library exemplify the characteristics that make those libraries great. Sure it isn't as apples to apples but you can notice after a while when the code isn't written the way someone who uses the library all the time would do it.

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