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rhymes on February 06, 2019

DEV's community is full of people enthusiastic about a wide range of different topics and others who would like to dedicate more of their time to... [Read Full]
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I'd love to see more posts about WebAssembly. It's definitely an interesting frontier with broad impact.

Plenty of different angles on that topic could be of use. First impressions, use cases, how-tos, explainers, etc.


Paraphrasing Atwood: "Any application that can be written in WebAssembly, will eventually be written in WebAssembly" :D

I too hope to see some WebAssembly posts, especially about real usage in the context of web apps. I see a lot of embedding games or 3D engines inside the browser, which reminds me more of Java applets than anything else.


My questions about WASM stem from, if I were to continue work on slate, is there anything it can do other than math, or are there features I missed?

And even if it is just math, is there enough interest in WASM to do interesting math?


I would love a post on the benefit of statically typed languages with some practical examples, mainly with JavaScript and TypeScript. It is said/understood that TypeScript is "better" because it "catches errors earlier" and "makes it easier to refactor." But what are examples of code in JavaScript that causes an issue vs. an issue that is caught in TypeScript during static analysis? What is a practical example of refactoring JavaScript code vs. refactoring the same code in TypeScript and how it is easier? How do I sell other developers on TypeScript when all they see is a roadblock to their development because they need to add types and fix type errors?


That's a great idea! Thank you!
Personally, I would like to see more C/Embedded posts. Maybe, I can even try to write one of these :D

Great job!


I see, DEV harbors many web developers (probably the majority?) so it would be nice to see some low level stuff for a change.

I would like to see something about systems programming for example!

Thanks for the encouragement and the idea!


I'm a bit late, but wanted to give a +1 on this one.

As an embedded dev that doesn't like web that much, I feel that the community is way too focused on it instead of systems, embedded or regular desktop programs.

Maybe I could try to help by writing something too :)


I can think of topics I'd read, but I don't know if I care enough to actually request :P

This coming from someone with over 700 articles in their Reading List, so I think that's just my style of content consumption. Read a bit of everything rather than feel passionate about an area and want more from it.


I just remembered about your earlier article and went searching to see whether the tag had been created. This was an excellent idea!


That's a fantastic idea!

Thank you for making it official!


This is great! I think that tag will help a lot of people who want to write, but aren't sure what to write about (like me 😅).


That's the spirit! Maybe in a few months it'll become a "storage of ideas" :D

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