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Great question!

the list could be endless if I start adding things like SAP :D

These are the things that pop in my mind right now:

  • blockchain: I'm honestly totally bored to death everytime I hear someone mention "blockchain". It's not rational, I just tune out. Probably my subconscious is trying to protect me from the hype

  • kubernetes: super useful, just not particularly interested. More interested in what comes next, I need one more level of abstraction

  • AR/VR: reality is way more interesting for now :D

  • internet of things: except real sensors in urban environments... why are we doing this to us?

  • hardware: I don't remember the last time that I built a computer. Probably in high school. I keep a distant eye on what's going on in storage and memory advancements though.

  • AI/ML: turn down the hype. Learning something about ML is quite useful though

  • PHP/Wordpress/Drupal: I know, I know. I shouldn't judge a book by its cover


This is my list! Like everything I came here to say you've already covered!
Your mention of Kubernetes and comment "More interested in what comes next, I need one more level of abstraction" is spot on! 👌


hhaha thanks Paul! I hope to skip the k8s frenzy right to serverless (which might be very well orchestrated by a kubernetes cluster underneath, who knows :D)

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